1. How many channels will I have? The number of channels you receive will depend on which package you choose, and if you select any movie packages. Cobalt TV® offers more than 200 channels. Please refer to the Packages Tab for detailed channel information.

2. How does this compare with other TV services offered in the area? We have done an analysis of TV services offered in this area and have found that Cobalt TV beats other television competitors in five key areas:

  • Price – Cobalt TV is less expensive than other services for comparable packages.
  • HD – Our equipment is less expensive per TV and is HD ready and compatible, so you will receive every channel available in HD on every TV. Plus, we have more HD Channels than ever before.
  • Picture Quality –Cobalt TV offers premium picture quality allowed through digital transmission without the delay or issues due to inclement weather that affects satellite TV service.
  • Whole Home DVR – Not only is our whole home DVR less expensive, but it has new, unique features not available with any other service, like the Restart or Telephone integrated features, and the ability to check your Voice Mail from your TV.
  • Professional, Local Service – With Cobalt TV, you can trust that your TV service will be installed and supported by local, friendly representatives that you know and trust. We are also close to your home and we can support you both over the phone and we have a technician there quickly, ensuring your service is installed and supported both timely and professionally. With Cobalt TV, there is no contract and no fine print – so no guessing as to what your bill will end up to be. It’s straightforward and simple.

3. Do I have to have Hamilton internet and a phone line to receive Cobalt TV? You do not have subscribe to Hamilton Internet or to Hamilton Telephone to receive this service. Cobalt TV is delivered through Ethernet which requires an Internet and Telephone line to deliver it to your home, so additional fees apply to your Cobalt TV service if you do not have Hamilton Internet and Telephone. For Cobalt TV customers who have a phone line but choose not to have Internet with Hamilton, there will be a $9 charge for last mile transport. For Cobalt TV customers who choose not to have Telephone OR Internet, there will be a $42.00 charge, which will show up on the customer’s bill as “last mile transport”.

4. If I can’t hook it up myself will you install it for me? Is there a fee? We will package your boxes and include instructions which should make set up very simple and you will be able to pick up your equipment sooner than if we have a technician come to your home. If you are unable to set up the service yourself or would prefer, we are happy to install the service for you. There will be no fee to install the service in your home and we will schedule an install for you with our first available technician.

5. Will this make my internet slower? Your Internet speed will not be affected by the television service. Even though IPTV is delivered over Internet, it does not use your Internet access. If you have a 250 Mb Internet Speed plan, you will still have 250 Mb available for Internet access. There is an exception with our whole home Gig internet plan. With a whole home gig internet plan the Cobalt service will use a tiny fraction of that gig speed to process the TV channel data.

6. Will this mess up my phone line?  Your phone line will not be affected by this service. You will be able to use your telephone at any time, regardless of the use of your TV.

7. Will this mess up my (PlayStation, Wii, and Xbox?) The TV service will not interfere with game systems and the game systems will not interfere with streaming for the TV service.

8. Is there a contract? There will be no service contract to sign. We encourage you to sign up for IPTV and try it out. We are so confident you will be happy with the service that we do not have contracts. If at any time or for any reason you are unsatisfied, we ask that you share it with us so that we can resolve any issue you are having. We will ask that you sign a contract when you receive your equipment that states that you will return your equipment to Hamilton should you discontinue your service.

9. Do you have any specials right now?
We currently offer free hookup when you bundle services, and you can get a whole home DVR free for the first 3 months.

10. What is a DVR? The DVR for Cobalt TV is a whole home DVR that allows you to record, watch, rewind, and store programs from any TV in your home. With the DVR, you can record between 120 ‐ 140 hours of programming. You can also record two shows and watch a third at the same time.

11. What is Restart TV? A special feature of Cobalt TV, which is unique to any other service, is the Restart feature available on the Set Top Box and the DVR. If you turn the channel and see a program that you want to watch but find that it’s halfway or almost over, you can restart to the beginning, and if you have a DVR you can restart it to the beginning and then record. (There are certain channels that do not allow this feature). Other unique amenities of Cobalt TV include integrated telephone features such as the ability to retrieve voice mail messages on your TV screen.

12. Do I need a Set Top Box for every TV I own? You can have TVs in your home share the same set top box. The TVs that share a Set Top Box will always be tuned to the same channel, which could work nicely if you like to go from room to room watching the same program. You will want a separate Set Top Box (STB) for each TV that you want to function on its own.

13. I live in the country, can I get this service? Yes, you can get our service! We will check your area to see the bandwidth currently available and will determine if there is anything else that needs to be done to ensure you receive excellent picture and streaming.

14. What does the Protection Plan Cover? The protection plan covers the cost to replace equipment that is unintentionally damaged. Equipment may be damaged if it is dropped, if liquids are spilled on it, if lightning strikes or for a variety of other reasons. If undamaged equipment is defective or does not work, Hamilton will replace that equipment for you with or without the protection plan.

15. How much is the equipment to replace if I do not have the Protection Plan? We have made a significant investment in the equipment that you will have in your home and the prices to replace equipment vary from $75 ‐ $300 depending on the equipment. You may easily have a combined total greater than $1000 worth of equipment in your home that you can insure for $5.95/ month.


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