MyTVs App

There’s an App for your Cobalt TV® DVR

Image of Cobalt TV Whole Home DVR.
Manage your DVR recordings from anywhere.
With the MyTVs app, you can connect to your DVR enabled set top boxes to schedule and manage DVR recordings even when you are not at home. Additionally, you can view and search the TV program guide for your favorite shows or programs.

  • Perform remote control functions including changing channels.
  • View and Search TV program guide.
  • Filter channels on TV program guide by subscribed and favorites.
  • View list of recordings from all DVR enabled set top boxes.
  • Manage all DVR recordings including scheduling a one-time or series, deleting existing, viewing currently recording, and organizing in folders.
  • Audio and voice accessibility are available.

How to get your App…

  1. Download the MyTVs application from the appropriate user store (Apple App Store or Google Play Store).
  2. Open the MyTVs app on your mobile device.
  4. Follow the steps in the App to link your mobile device to your video account through your set top box.
  5. Select Menu on your Cobalt TV® remote control.
  6. Arrow down to Settings-Apps-Device Code.
  7. In the Manage Your Devices screen, your device code will appear in the window.
  8. Enter the Device Code into your MyTVs app.
  9. Click PAIR DEVICE.
Voice Commands
To activate the voice commands functionality:
  1. Click on the microphone icon at the top right-hand corner of the MyTVs app.
  2. This will bring up a Voice Commands screen and show a list of available commands.
  3. Click on the Microphone button and speak the command.
NOTE: You must have Microphone and Speech Recognition activated on your
smartphone in the MyTVs App settings.
Audio Accessibility
Accessibility mode is not a MyTVs App setting. It is a device setting and called “Voice Over” on Apple devices or “Talk Back” on Android devices. Once enabled and in the accessibility mode, the device will talk back about what is happening on the device, including what is happening in your MyTV app.
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